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Akasha Ventures is a seed/incubator to growth fund. On this webpage you can find out more about the philosophy that drives our business.

The idea behind Akasha Ventures: The Quantum Company

Live Your Passion
Because you were designed to live your passion and be profitable in business and in life, and we have developed the process to achieve both.
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Something Different
You don’t need something traditional, you have probably tried that already. You don’t want to be a slave to your money either. Becoming a Quantum Company will make you focus on the release of your human potential. When we support each other in living our deeper passion, then we release a tremendous potential. If that is supplemented with some supporting structures, tools and best practices gained by other entrepreneurs in a similar situation it is highly likely that your dreams come will true. When we make our dreams come true and do something good for the world then we will get supported by a different force to make it all happen. Get started on your path towards becoming a Quantum Company.

Proven Methodology
Having the proven methodology and process that can keep your company on track and focus is your foundation.Releasing the 6 powers of a Quantum Company is the fuel that can scale out any company with tremendous power and speed.

The experience gained from several companies working with similar models and approaches enables you to gain and share information across and with entrepreneurs and thereby speed you learning process up tremendously. Check out resources to help you learn more about this process.

Advantages of Being a Quantum Company
Having a strong methodology and focus and yet gaining from the experience of othersthat have been going through the same challenges that you are going through creates a tremendous acceleration, since the initiatives will be based on experience and good thinking rather than just good thinking and a loose thesis. We support our companies with best practices either gained through other companies in the Akasha Group or based on best practices discovered by some of our partners and special adviser. Sometimes we implement a best practice in one company and then utilize the leanings and finding in other companies.

Support Entrepreneurial Movements
Akasha Ventures supports all entrepreneurs with passion for something important to happen and the skills to make it happen. Passion is a key ingredient in any successful and outstanding business. When that is coupled with a mission to do something good and valuable for the world then you have the platform for the creation of a Quantum Company.
We then explore what the core of a company is really about and why it is important to make it happen. That forms the basis for a corporate manifest and the mandate for our joint collaboration and our support of the company. The fuel is the passion and the doing of something that really resonates on a deeper level. The goal is the vision. The way is the plan, the structuring and the focus of the company and its organisation.

More Fringe Benefits
The Quantum Company framework is based on a proven methodology and the 10 step process to make it happen. With this approach you are ensured a continued focus and alignment of the company. Focused on the vision, yet fueled by the deeper passion to make it happen and make a service or product available to the world. Adding to that our experiences, best practices and network of fellow entrepreneursand specialised advisors then you can fuel the company and amplify the growth and scale of any company.

Network Advantages
By being part of a bigger group of companies, you get the support from established partners and relations will build over the years. Also you get the support to raise capital and work with banks that know the methodologies used by Akasha Ventures.
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What to Expect
When working with Akasha United you will experience that we work with a pragmatic process and value tools and best practices that can easily be translated into to improved business performance and business results. A typical collaboration starts with a meeting where we get to know each other. We focus on two things: 1) How we can empower you as entrepreneur to achieve your results and go into flow with your business. 2) How we can support and provide the business with the right resources, knowledge and best practices.
Get started on your way to becoming a Quantum Company.

Akasha Ventures – An Entrepeneurial Movement

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Dear Entrepreneur,

I have started to write this blog to start a movement. I have been an entrepreneur for so many years and finally realizing that entrepreneurship is really what I like to do in life. Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship is what I care for.

I started many years ago and got trained by some of the best entrepreneurs in Scandinavia. Also I got to work with so many powerful companies working as consultant through my varies companies. I have started several companies and sold some of them off. I have working with several VC’s and private investor  and raised millions of dollars or Euros in cash. I have done restructuring of one of my “babies” and I have made many people millionaires.

Lately I realized how much on my own I have been. Having to find the solutions myself. Obviously I could go to some senior corporate friend of our family or friend of parents friends, but they seem to be coming from a different angle – a different perspective.

Also I did deeper self-discovery on what was really important to me. I discovered an aspect of my deeper purpose in life. Lately I have also realized that entrepreneurs are one of the most important sources to the transformation of this world into a more sustainable world. A world that is based much more on appreciation of what is really important; the feeling of being here and now, inspired and feeling alive and happy.

Off all the hundreds of entrepreneurs that I know in this world, most of them really create and innovate the business out of pure interest, passion and inspiration from their lives.  Most of the – at least initially do it because they would like to see if something is possible or whether they can make it happen. Seldom it’s the money or at least the money is just another motivation for them to do what they do. Sure some gets lost, some have big ego’s (Which is not necessarily bad).

When one does what is important to one self on a deeper level often we become less focused on material things. We often become less focused on buying  yet another thing. Yes if we are board then we start buying stuff we really don’t need.

This blog is dedicated to entrepreneurs around the world and all the important work they do to make the world a better place to live, play and joy in a sustainable way.  This blog is dedicated to do commonly good and help entrepreneurs seeing the deeper importance of what is important for  one self, one self in relation to ones family, ones self in relation to people that we know and one self in relation to what is important for the world.

Entrepreneurs are by nature strong in manifesting change and development. They can often draw others attention. They often work from intuition and deeper wisdom and if they work from their heart, their deeper sense of being and their deeper mind they often create good for the world.

Let us all join forces and make it happen

In service to Clarity, Joy, Compassion and Faith

Jakob Algreen-Ussing